I found this on the New York Post.

It seems like the left continues to have an impossible bar of “perfect wokeness” that they continue to raise higher and higher. So who was the latest victim of their ridiculous religion? A diversity director of De Anza College. This woman is black and was accused of “whitesplaining” and I hope beyond all hope she sues the crap out of this college.

Another article highlights just how much she was dealing with. She was even resisted when she tried to have “Jewish Inclusion” brought to the school. She doesn’t like the obsession with pronouns.

In other words, this woman is being punished for having common sense.

The progressive woke religion keeps going further and further left. So much so that Black liberal women are fired, disrespected, and thrown under the bus just for not agreeing 100% with every changing idea and term that arises from this craziness. It’s a disgrace to see a college of all places, a place where voices of disagreement should be able to partake in debates, conversations, and new ideas, only seeks to shut down every idea they don’t like. Every new perspective, even old fashioned ideas, people’s freedom to choose what organizations they support, are under so much scrutiny and surveillance, that a woman can be fired for being different. The irony, the sheer hilarity that a director of diversity is fired because SHE IS TOO DIVERSE FOR THEIR BRAINS TO HANDLE is hopefully what will make people finally begin to wake up. Not like the left woke…but the common sense woke. The perspective that says, “they have all lost our minds.”