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There is a Vice article that needs to be condemned by Catholics who take their faith seriously. Vice claims “experts” are saying that the Hallow prayer app is extremist because some of the speakers are far-right. The thing about liberal scare tactics is that they are quick to point out anyone who may be associated with “White Supremacy,” trying to paint a broad picture that has clearly worked in their favor. Thanks to labeling Conservatives are “Far Right Extremists,” the vague language makes everyone believe it’s about race, ignoring the groups of Conservatives who are Black and Latino.

Some may think that the liberals simply want to condemn racism, by correctly calling out white supremacy, and condemning it. However, the article does not stop with those simple implications. Vice would have you believe that this prayer app is extreme and dangerous because it is backed by prominent Catholic figures who simply preach chastity and pro-life views- last time I checked, MANY religions, not exclusively Catholicism, preaches chastity (or abstinence) and pro-life views.

The “Catholics” they get to weigh in are figures who preach doctrine that goes directly against the Catholic faith. Maybe if Vice wanted to state a case, they could ask a Catholic who actually practices the religion correctly what they think. (They do quote the Hallow view on being all inclusive, to be fair.) But that’s too much work. It’s easier to get sources from people who agree with you.

If the media and places like Vice, wish to make people believe that basic, simple, and fundamental Catholic doctrine is extreme, then mission accomplished. They jump from citing public figures who spoke at a Trump rally who might be problematic to citing priests who preach the Catholic faith – no distinction between degrees of extremism.

If there is anyone believes the media is fair when it criticizes Catholics and Conservatives, do NOT kid yourself. And if you are a liberal “Catholic” who believes the media’s lies that this Catholic prayer app is “right wing extremism” then you are being spoon fed mouthfuls of garbage willingly.

Think about what the media will have you believe is extreme – PRAYING TO GOD AND PRACTICING ABSTINENCE. It is funny to think they are so desperate, so scared, so pathetic as to try and make us scared to pray.

This isn’t about calling out racist extremists- no, if it was, then they would also call out racists on the left who hate white people. This is about making people, even people who practice the Catholic faith, believe that YOUR faith is extreme, YOUR prayers are dangerous, and YOUR views are evil.

If you are a liberal who goes to Mass reading this, the left HATES YOU AND YOUR MASS. Stop listening to them.

May God bless you and let’s support the Catholic faith and our freedom to practice it, regardless of what experts think.

*Since I have not yet started my other Catholic blog, my conservative and Catholic views are bleeding over into this blog, and for that I thank you for bearing with me. This site is less now of a movie review blog and it is becoming more of a serious blog with commentary on real life. I still plan to do movie reviews, but they will be few in far between. Mostly because my desire to see modern movies has died very recently. I won’t say all movies made now are bad, but there is so much propaganda, numbness, horrible characters now. Either way, this review blog may morph into a more serious blog, so I appreciate anyone who rides this journey with me and doesn’t run screaming at the prospect of me being a Catholic Conservative. Thanks.