My story is meant to offend.

It is supposed to offend you when you oppose my religion. It’s supposed to bother you if you are someone who thinks my words don’t matter. It’s intended to offend someone who wants to eradicate my lifestyle.

My characters will offend your unchallenged, unexperienced, and ignorant mind. My characters will make you feel uncomfortable, as do people who you wish to silence.

My stories are meant to offend those who hate my kind, hate my family, and hate my religion. I hope the enemies read my books and stomp their feet…or consider it possible that other ways of life exist.

My words are supposed to offend you if words offend you easily. My words are supposed to make you feel bad if you are a bad person. If you are a bad person, then you won’t like my books, or my stories. That means that things are going well. My words are not to be picked apart by someone who hates me.

My words are supposed to offend you if you want me to validate your feelings of racism, hate, and sexism. Since I will not validate your racist, hateful, and sexist ideas, then I feel I should warn you that my words will make you feel bad. And that is a good thing.

My stories that I write, will write, and have written offend and challenge the people who hate me. But because there are people out there who will enjoy my stories, then I have to write for them. Not for you.