When I was younger I faced times in school where most would be open around others but I sometimes spent my time away. There were times when in the past people look back or turn away because of how I seemed in their eyes instead of how I saw myself in my own eyes.

Over time I learned that people don’t always treat others like they should. I had many friends but as time passed I am learning who my real friends are.

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com

There are still times I will face the feeling of being shy or out of place or odd around others or when I look back in grade school not always was it easy but I made it through. Even though there were times I had the feeling that I didn’t know if I was always meant to fix 

But not matter what happens in life that tries to stop or slow me down, it doesn’t matter because I will always look at the bigger picture. That doesn’t make me who I am because my journey isn’t about how I made it, it’s not about what or who or why.

Nothing is going to sop me from living my dream because my biggest blessings are the people in my life that encourage and inspire me along the way.

Because my lifetime of battles has only just started; the biggest battles of my journey are still up ahead as I face my next chapter of my life journey of self discovery.

Samantha Brown