Featuring Nick Loeb, Stacey Dash and Jon Voight, this film seeks to shed light on the truth behind the real life case which changed our country.

This film clearly does not have a big Hollywood budget, but compared to a lot of religious and conservative films of the past, I wouldn’t call it too cringe. The 1970’s setting is portrayed well, which is only slightly ruined by some mediocre performances and, if you don’t like conservative views, a heavy message. The production was not nearly as professional as Unplanned but still watchable in my opinion. There is controversy because of the subject matter, which of course shouldn’t be surprising. Hollywood is left-leaning, so films with a right-leaning view are few and far between.

I think there should be a market for more professional and big budget conservative views (because free speech is a thing in case you didn’t know this, and everyone has the option to not watch a movie), and I think this is finally going to start happening. Movies like Roe V. Wade can pave the way, while companies like The Daily Wire are producing films for people to see as an alternative to the mainstream left-leaning films.

The movie follows the case of Roe V. Wade, and does not gloss over details, from the girl they chose for the case, to the motivations behind the ultimate choice in the end to rule on the side of privacy and a woman’s option to choose. It highlights the media’s influence which has been a real thing for quite a long time (for example, the newspapers during the Revolutionary War leaned certain ways). The news media is a big topic right now, especially because of social media. I think the influence we let it have on us is a discussion that we need to have as a society.

Something else notable about this film is that it highlights certain facts that a lot of people probably don’t know. Now, am I saying that people should get their facts and education from movies? No. However, most sources probably won’t inform you about basic facts of the Roe V. Wade case. How Dr. Bernard Nathanson completely changed his mind about abortion and narrated a documentary about the reality of what it is. How Norma McCorvey was lied to by her lawyers and became pro-life. It’s a sad day when a movie may be the only place someone hears historical facts. And the person who learns these facts has the opportunity and the right to form their own views and opinions outside of this movie.

I don’t think this movie will stand the test of time for its technicality, acting, or quality, but it should be noted for being yet another conservative-view film with access to mainstream audiences. Hopefully this will pave the way for a more balanced and open-minded Hollywood…eventually.