There once was a young soldier

Who gave up everything to go overseas

to become an American hero

The soldier was learning the ways of the world

But he made a life changing choice to fight for our way of living

They need the chance to start fresh

They need daily encouragement

They are the reason we have a voice in our lives

They help give us a chance to be more open minded

A brighter and safer place

They protect us so we can have hope and faith and strength

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The soldier worked hard to give

They have a heart bigger than the rest

Spending his life giving help and support

And hope to those in need

Giving us a safe place to live

To protect the American people

We spend a lifetime saying Thank You

Thank You for fighting

So that we can live free-willed

Because of American soldiers

The reason we are free

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By Samantha Brown

“Hi my name is Samantha. I write to help raise awareness for special needs. I was born five weeks early, with brain damage. At a little over a year of age, my parents learned I had Cerebral Palsy. At the age of four I had a seizure. That day, our lives changed forever. The doctor told my parents my life would not be like others. After learning I also have Obsessives Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, my will to fight only grew stronger. I have a big dream to write a book! They said I couldn’t finish – that I couldn’t overcome. I am now almost 23. I beat the odds and finished high school. Since a journey starts with your first step, mine is going back to school! I am going back to school to become an inspirational speaker and writer. My dream is to raise awareness for special needs. I want to write and use my story to encourage and inspire others to face their fears and l live their dreams – as I am, and will keep doing for the rest of my life.”