My top 3 worst movies will be the ones I really didn’t like, and thought were terribly made. Honestly there weren’t that many for me to choose from. Ultimately I think I liked more than I disliked, which is good. Still, I can’t get the time back I spent watching these.

  1. The Turning I’m seriously embarrassed to admit that I even watched this. There is nothing enjoyable about this one. It’s not even enjoyably bad. There’s not an ending. It’s just…nonsense.
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2. Artemis Fowl YIKES I know most people have this as their number one but it irked me a little bit less than The Turning. One reason is because I’m not a fan of the book series, so it wasn’t as personal. Still, this is another mess. I like Kenneth Branagh a lot, but he really misfired this one.

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3. Mulan Even though this is the least bad of the three, I feel like they should have taken more time with this. It didn’t even need to be made, but they’re making live-action Disney films so it seemed inevitable. Still, it felt empty to me. Had some neat moments, but overall so campy that I’d rather watch it while drinking wine with my friends.

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Runner ups –

People are going to fight me for this, but I really did not enjoy Soul. I will probably write an extensive review, but overall I just felt like it was too much. Inside Out worked for several reasons, and I felt like Pixar was trying to capture that same spirit. Instead it was just too much explaining. Too deep and…weird for me. The main character was fine, and his journey is the only part of the movie I liked.

Well, 2021 will hopefully have some good ones. I don’t have HBO Max so I’ll be heading to the theaters for the big premiers. What did you think of last year’s movies, and which ones are you most looking forward to in 2021?