A Disney + Original starring Isla Fisher, Jillian Bell and Santiago Cabrera, this Enchanted/Elf hybrid is super adorable, fun, and heartwarming. Jillian Bell shines in particular.

Eleanor is a Fairy Godmother in training. In the magical world of the Motherland, the Fairy Godmothers all go through the same boring day-by-day training. Meanwhile, no children have written to them, or made any wishes – except for one. Hoping to prove that the world still needs Godmothers, Eleanor responds to the letter of Mackenzie from Boston. Come to find out, Mackenzie is a grown up with two children and job she doesn’t enjoy. Will she fulfill her duties as a Godmother, or is it too late?

If you like the movie Elf, you will love Godmothered. A fish-out-of-water story with some magical Disney touches makes for an enchanted adventure. I loved watching her prance in her big pink dress. And there were a lot of little touches that just made it memorable. One of the Fairy Godmothers “facetimes” her from the Motherland via grandfather clock, with the numbers floating around her head while they talk. Just a lot of creative little touches. My best friend and I had a movie night (she lives far away so we hop on discord and watch movies together) and we both enjoyed it immensely. Sure it’s for kids but it has plenty for adults.

The movie deals with grief, finding your inner courage, and surprisingly some digs at the news media, and the mentality to sensationalize stories. I loved the commentary. There was some sweet romance, though it still has a “lesson” that Disney does now about true love – how it doesn’t always have to be romantic. I’d call that a spoiler but we can see that coming from miles away since Disney has been obsessed with it lately. Still, not a bad ending overall.

The “song” at the end didn’t make sense to me, and you’ll know what I mean if you watch it. It’s apparently a Christmas movie so…what was wrong with adding some Christmas Carols? Nothing really ruined the movie though, so I’d say check it out if you and your family enjoy Elf and if you liked Enchanted (I like it too, despite my issues with it). It was a very creative idea, that in the future could maybe be a stage musical…? Only time will tell.