If there’s anything we needed as a distraction from the news, it was the return of Star Wars. While The Mandalorian may not be a big movie or film saga, it’s still a refreshing return to the universe that almost everyone loves – sequel fans and critics alike.

I love The Child (or Baby Yoda as we affectionately call him) just as much as the next person. This season he continues to be adorable as ever. Moving on from that is the bigger picture. How Mando is going to find a home for his “Foundling,” by finding the Jedi. The mystery of who he will find has been presumably solved, seeing as they have cast Asoka Tano. However, how or when he finds her is still yet to be seen.

There was another addition that made fans excited, and that was the appearance of Bo Katan. While I’m not too familiar with her character (haven’t seen Clone Wars in a while), I know who she is. Aside from the fact that she should appear older (from what I understand), she is cast perfectly, and her role could lead to some exciting stories.

Also very interested to see the lab they discovered in Chapter 4. Some of it could lead to resolved mysteries surrounding some of the lore, even parts of the sequels. The season so far also has great side characters, and some new ones aside from the originals – in fact, so far I’ve been enjoying these episodes more than season 1. Even the music has improved. All in all, I think we can expect only great things from this season. Now all we have to do is hope that each new Star Wars series in the future is as good – or even better.