Book 3 of the Hidden Jewel series takes place during the events of Book 2, The Eighth Summoner. I decided to take a break from the main characters, and add a few new ones. There is one familiar face from Book 1, but I decided not to have any chapters from his POV, to try to keep him somewhat mysterious.

The cover above was drawn by Gregory Jackson. Please check him out on Instagram (jacksonwatertree).

The artwork in the book was drawn by Kritical Kez. Please check her out on Facebook – her character art is wonderful.

I am only publishing this book digitally as of right now, for technical reasons. Eventually it will be available on paperback, but I don’t know if the character images will be included.

Writing this book has been a fantastic experience. I improve with each book I write, and even after reading this several times, I never grew tried of it. The characters in The Wounded Healers really came to life and I had a wonderful time getting to know them.

As a self-published author, I appreciate all of your support. If you do buy this book and you liked it, please leave a review on Amazon – even if it’s just three stars and one sentence.

I look forward to what is coming next in the series (probably two books next year), and if you decide to follow me on this journey, the more the merrier! Happy reading and writing.