Remakes- something we’re talking about a lot these days. Reboots, relaunches, franchises remade…it’s not NEW, but it is…tiresome. We’ve had live-remakes since I can remember. 101 Dalmatians, for example. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, though when it’s being pumped out year after year…you have to wonder: what happened to the artists? Now, don’t get me wrong. The internet is a wonderful platform for discovering art, and being discovered. I rely on the internet in fact to promote my books on Amazon. My point of saying this, is that you CAN find originality. Writers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs are everywhere, promoting, advertising, and showcasing their work. Yet Hollywood gets paid the big bucks to remake and relaunch old franchises- piggybacking off the success of people who made them.

This isn’t to say that we should never take inspiration from things that came before us. And like I said earlier…remakes can be fine. But if Hollywood is relying on nostalgia and familiarity for success, what happens when there is no more excitement? Once upon a time, maybe seeing a remake or visiting something we once loved made us at least curious. Oh, what will they do with this? Now, it’s more like…oh boy, what will they do TO this?

I’m going to talk for a moment about a franchise that is, well, doing some interesting things, but has no reason whatsoever to be associated with the original source material. The show I’m talking about is Netflix’s Carmen San Diego. Is the new show good? Well, I like it okay. It draws you in, it has humor, it’s educational. But the original character from the 90’s is, in my opinion, much more intriguing…and she’s very, very different. She’s a villain. Not a diabolical villain, but not entirely innocent. This new Carmen San Diego is absolutely not a villain. Nearly everyone else in the show has an interesting design, quirk, even backstories. The villains and side characters have reasons to be there. But one question I think we can ask is…why is this Carmen San Diego, and not someone else entirely? The concept of a girl who was raised by evil villains, escapes, travels the world and tries to foil the plans of her former mentors…great ideas. But you put Carmen San Diego’s name on it. It’s not bad…it just seems unnecessary.

The fact that Hollywood makes money on a lot of these reboots won’t help them learn their lesson. And when we don’t like or show interest in these reboots, audiences get accused of being sexist. Remember the Ghostbusters reboot? General audiences didn’t like it…but people blamed it on “man babies” who just don’t want to see women. Same with the new Charlie’s Angels. Hey, I’m sure people can get some enjoyment out of these movies. Sometimes films can be enjoyed when you turn off your brain and just let loose. But before you blame audiences for having some wrong outlook, why don’t you try to make something original instead of slapping a new coat of paint on a franchise? Women characters can be in the spotlight, but we shouldn’t be satisfied with simply having the “female version,” of a character. Don’t make the “female” James Bond, create an amazing, original character who happens to be female, and maybe someday she’ll be as iconic as James Bond. I know I got a bit sidetracked, but I think these points are worth mentioning.

Originality should be limitless. Don’t limit your amazing ideas to something that started first.
There are so many people who have amazing ideas and are getting them out there. I have faith in that. It’s just too bad that we’re stuck right now with the same old.

Hopefully soon we’ll see content that will truly make you say, “I’ve never seen that!”