1. 100 Years after Return of the Jedi. The new generation of Jedi train in a temple built by Luke and Leia Skywalker. The antagonist is someone who is force sensitive, who wants to start his/her own order. They claim that Leia wronged their grandfather in the past, so the new Jedi investigate and discover that Leia went off on her own despite Luke’s warnings…she hunted down everyone who allied with Darth Vader, even if they could have turned or were not 100% for the Empire. Luke disagreed with her methods, but was busy training the new order. This new antagonist clashes with the order.

I know in my podcast I said I wanted the new trilogy to take place a long time after ROTJ for the simple reason that they should have left Luke and Leia’s characters alone. HOWEVER I think within this story, looking at history according to word of mouth and NOT via flashbacks, it can be vague enough that we can believe Luke and Leia were still the characters we loved, but descriptive enough for there to BE a history.
This antagonist is an antagonist because they have done bad things- manipulated, lied, or stolen their way to where they are, and they resent the new Jedi. In that case, it’s important to show that this new generation is in fact made up of undoubtedly GOOD people. Whether that means they don’t take kids and pretend emotions don’t exist is up for conversation, but it has to be demonstrated that they truly are peaceful.

There can be a young Jedi, or maybe a few, who start to turn because this antagonist makes sense to them, and they question the origins of their order and beliefs. They begin to believe the dark side may not be evil.
The antagonist hides some of the more drastic things they have done (something as heavy as murder) but their new followers find out. Maybe one of them falls in love with said antagonist or admire them. They are devastated to find out.

From here many things could happen. Maybe Leia’s force ghost appears and leads them away. Or the antagonist kills them when their loyalty begins to waver (actually both could happen?)

This is one idea I have, more to come. Feel free to comment or add to this in the comments.