After many fans were split over the recent Skywalker saga released in theaters, many, in fact most, are universally united with The Mandalorian. Providing a gritty and real look within the Star Wars universe, Jon Favreau has struck lightning, especially thanks to the one thing that has united fans, skeptics, and all people throughout the universe: Baby Yoda.

So many people seem to criticize movies and shows that are over-marketed, especially when it’s obvious they want to sell toys and merchandise. I think everyone forgot that was a concept when we all decided to partake in the candy-coated feast that is obsessing over Baby Yoda during each and every episode, and I have unashamedly participated.

I may or may not have several pictures of Baby Yoda on my phone.

The show is pretty much what I expected, which is something very different from the movies, and yet still Star Wars. There are Stormtroopers, ships, and aliens. The main hook is the mystery of who The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is, namely where he came from, who he’s running from, and why he does what he does. It really takes until the very last episode to get more light on his past, even with short flash backs and hints throughout the series. The other mystery is where did Baby Yoda come from? And what did they want with him? On that, we truly have to wait until next season.

The show begins with focusing on The Mandalorian’s job as a bounty hunter, which is still touched on throughout, but later on we focus on his determination to keep The Child safe. As a viewer, the show works thanks to the action, twists, and evolving storyline. As a writer, not only is that what draws me, but the decisions the writers and directors have made thoroughly impressed me. To start the show out with one hook, and provide an even bigger one in the first episode, to keep the main character mysterious yet admirable enough, and to not reveal his face until the very last episode were genius moves on their part. And there’s still more to find out.

I got Disney + mainly for this show, and it did not disappoint. Like I said before, I will definitely participate in the marketing feast that is Disney + for Star Wars sake, and I have a feeling that if you like the movies but haven’t checked this out yet, you’ll be glad when you do.

Spoilers will be talked about in a podcast. Details to follow.