Okay, so in the age of the internet, we have an interesting question to bring up. Were people always this crazy and opinionated, and the internet just makes us louder? Or are we more obligated to have strong opinions because the internet is such an easy outlet to use?

I think it’s more of this: in modern times, we are spoiled. We have modern technology, life is a lot easier than it used to be, and we get what we want immediately, because of apps. Whether it’s food, information, money, or products (Amazon for example), we get things that we want. This brings up a simple and obvious problem: we complain about things that do not matter or affect our lives in the slightest. All this to say one thing: when you don’t like a movie, the world isn’t going to end.

Please don’t use this latest movie as a reason to bully people, cry and whine like a two-year old, or declare that your childhood was ruined.

I’m not saying this is a new phenomenon. When it comes to things like Star Wars, people lost their minds twenty years ago when they released Phantom Menace. The backlash became so bad, eventually an actor nearly committed suicide. And that was long before Twitter.

We have so many amazing things in our lives. Computers, pets, books, music, coffee, the original Star Wars trilogy. Are we so gosh-darned spoiled now that when a writer or director does something we don’t like, we have to lose our minds?

Apparently the answer is yes.

I get it. I enjoyed The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. But I understand why people didn’t like them. Just read my Rise of Skywalker review to see why.

But I think there is one thing the internet has done for us that makes it too easy to become bitter. People honestly believe that their opinions, likes and dislikes, and tastes, are indisputable, irrefutable, facts. And they decide that if you disagree, you are less intelligent.

Listen guys. We should all be able to like a franchise. We should all be able to like characters and dislike them. But instead of dedicating all your time to explaining how you would have done tings differently, maybe try writing your own book, or even fan fiction. Believe me, it is very satisfying to have control over your own characters, after watching Hollywood play with some of your favorite ones and sometimes ruin them.

Just…Live your blessed, technology, movie, food-filled life, and find a real problem. A real thing to get angry at. Use your energy to make a difference in the world. Lord knows there are plenty of people who wish that their biggest problem was that their favorite movie franchise went in a different direction than they had hoped.

May the force be with you.