Here’s another movie that critics seemed to dislike and yet normal people enjoyed. In other words, it’s harmless and fun. And silly.

And Henry Golding is uh, what’s the word….SUPER CUTE.

But anyway.

Last Christmas is sort of a tribute to the very over-played and over-remade song “Last Christmas,” by George Michael (seriously we have enough versions of it please stop) and the main character Kate (Emilia Clarke) is a big fan of George Michael in the film. An aspiring singer and actress, she roams around London, auditioning for musicals and crashing at houses of various friends and one-night-stands for the night, instead of staying with her parents. Her over-bearing mother (Emma Thompson) is one of the reasons she doesn’t want to come home, but as Kate bonds with Tom (Henry Golding) she learns to embrace life and…be less selfish, I guess? It’s basically a Hallmark movie so what else do you expect?

There is obviously a lot of charm and silliness, so going in just expect to enjoy it. It’s a film that doesn’t ask a lot of you. Sure there’s a twist later on, one that I guessed a little over midway through. The twist is somewhat Christmas Carol-ish, which sort of makes the film “magical.” Again, what else do you expect?

What I didn’t expect was that Patti LuPone cameo, I’ll tell you that much.

All in all, it was charming, funny, I loved her boss in the film, loved watching Emma Thompson use an accent and mope around, watching Kate begin to look outside of herself was a rewarding journey, and did I mention that Henry Golding is cute?

If you like romantic comedies, and you’re looking for a fun Christmas movie you haven’t seen yet, go ahead and add it to your list, make some hot chocolate, and curl up. If it’s added to Netflix, I’ll probably be watching it again one of these nights, just to unwind.

Merry Christmas!